Nenu Nanna(With Subtitles)|Telugu short film

Nenu Nanna(With Subtitles)|Telugu short film

“Nenu Nanna” is a Telugu short film which showcases the relation between a father and a son.
Banner: Mihira Productions
Produced by: D V Bhaskar
Directed by: Aditya Gangadhar
Charan SVS, Siva Ram KVNV, Shreya Divakar and Aditya Gangadhar
Assistant DOP: Anilsai Chowdary
Cinematograhy, Editing and Sound mixing: Aditya Gangadhar
Background scores: and Audio Library

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  1. Nice work Aditya! πŸ‘Œ If you get a chance please introduce me to the actor who played the father, such finesse! Instant fan of his acting!

  2. In a span of 7 + mins brought in character values with a good content. Interaction btw frnds got some good dialogues and last shot did a good job conveying the relationship btw father and son more than words can do.Good job team.

  3. "Father is like a Ladder between Mother and Lord Brahma"…..Nice short film which tells the intension behind father scolding…… Good job…..

    All the very best for future films…
    Concern : please take care of Audio….. πŸ™‚