Jio Rockers Veedinthe – Excessively loud Tamil ‘formula’

‘Chiyan’ Vikram has teamed up with Deeksha Seth for this new flick titled ‘Veedinthe’. The film is the Telugu dubbed version of the Tamil film ‘Rajapattai’. Yuvan Shankar Raja has scored the music for this film. “Veedinthe’ has released across Andhra Pradesh today, so let us see how the film stacks up.

Story :

The story of Veedinthe revolves around the land grabbing mafia and their atrocities. ‘Fire’ Shankar (Vikram) is a small time movie fighter who wants to strike it big as a villain in movies. He comes across Dakshina Murthy ( K. Vishwanadh) under unexpected circumstances. He takes pity on the helpless old man and takes him home.

It turns out that this helpless old man is actually a rich businessman who is on the run from his own son (Avinash). A prime property in the heart of the city is point of contention. Dakshina Murthy runs an orphanage there in memory of his wife. That plot is coveted by an evil politician Ranganayaki Akka ( Sana ) and Dakshina Murthy’s son and they are ready to do whatever it takes to grab the land. Shankar steps in and what happens next forms the story.

Plus Points :

Vikram looks macho as a fight master. He has built up his physique quite well and his fight sequences have come out well. He has also tried to showcase his considerable acting skills towards the end as he dons various getups within a short span of time.

Deeksha Seth looks innocent and cute as the girl next door but she hardly has any scope in the film. K. Vishwanadh has done a very unique character in this movie. Audience will be stunned to find him in the role of a love guru as people usually expect ‘dignified’ performances from him. Sana has done a good job as the evil politician ‘Akka’.

Minus Points :

The movie has been made with the sole intention of making it a commercial masala film but sadly, things go wrong from frame one. The film is excessively loud and there is absolutely no logic in many of the sequences. There is excessive Tamil flavour in the movie and it is not very easy to digest for the casual movie goer. The comedians and the hero’s friends are all Tamil artistes who will not be familiar to Telugu people.

Screenplay is very poor and narration is bad.Pradeep Rawath has given a routine performance. Music is a major minus for this film. None of the songs will stick with the audience and their timing disrupts the flow of the story.

The romantic track between the hero and the heroine is incomplete and it has been handled very poorly. Deeksha Seth has been wasted in this film. Salon’s performance in the item song fails to impress. She does not have the ‘sizzling’ quality.Entertainment quotient is very low.

Technical Aspects :

Cinematography is ok. Background music is decent and editing is average. Fights sequences are excessively dramatic and have a very ‘arava athi’ style. There is not much to write home about in terms of dances.

Dialogues are average and do the job. Suseendran’s direction is a major minus, considering the kind of films he has made in the past.

Verdict :

‘Veedinthe’ is a film that has been made with the aim of making it a commercial masala offering. But it fails quite badly in its objective. Entertainment quotient for the common movie goer is very low. Excessively dramatic feel and too much Tamil nativity limit the movie’s appeal. There is nothing in the film to get excited about. This is a disappointing film. Rating : 2/5


Legend: 5 – Flawless

4 – Must Watch

3 – One Time Watch

2 – Wait for the DVD

1 – Stay Away

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