Jio Rockers Telugammayi -Tests patience

Director Raja Vannem Reddy was so inspired by a song Teluguammayi in Rajamouli’s film Maryada Ramanna, that he chose the same song title for his film, and also cast the same heroine, Saloni.Telugammayi hit the screens today and let us see how the movie fares.

What’s it about: Right at the beginning, Kalidasu (Shafi) rapes and murders a young girl in a hostel. Cut to, there are few bytes of TV news reader saying how the similar cases have occured and the serial murderer has never been found. Cut to a railway station, where we meet lots of characters, including Shiva, Chinna, Munna who are typecast as soon as they are introduced. They are soon joined by Bala Tripura Sundari (Saloni), and each of these four friends vow to ‘impress’ the girl. As the movie travels from Secunderabad to Vijayawada as slowly as it can, Kalidasu joins the group and starts misbehaving with all the people, and more so with our herione dressed in a half saree. The boys decide to do something about it, and what do they do – they stab him to death! The body is thrown away, and it is not long before the long hands of the police find the murderous foursome. But are they really the culprits? Is killing a rapist a crime? Telugammayi has the answers.

What’s Good: In a movie where for the first fifty minutes of it, you don’t get what’s happening and why, you can hardly expect a good thing to write about. One can say that Sai Kumar is good in the little guest appearance he has, and that Shafi is terrific in the little villanous role he has. However, with screenplay errors that even a child could point at, Telugammayi is just a mess.

What’s Bad: Saloni looks extremely uncomfortable with her appearance and the loud accent given to her throughout the first half. The other cast like Venu Madhav, Geeta Singh, Jhansi, M.S. Narayana don’t look interested in the proceedings of the film, but they manage to do their gags as usual. The other four male actors do look interested, but poor things just can’t act. May be they could have tried, but the director was too busy emulating Srinu Vytla’s Venki with a very long train sequence, that he forgot he had a story to tell. By the time he realizes it, he doesn’t know if the movie is a comic thriller or women oriented drama leaving us even clueless as to what’s happening.

Technical Departments: Editing and cinematography are very poor. Dialogues are below average and better care should have been taken in that department. Background score is nothing to write home about. The screenplay gets interesting towards the end, but the director had to include an item number, that almost kills any kind of ‘expectation’ one finally had from the film.

Final Point: As a Telugu movie reviewer I am expected to sit through movies that could test my patience. Teluguammayi tops my list of ‘patience testers’ so far. There is nothing to watch in this movie.

Legend: 5 – Flawless

4 – Must Watch

3 – One Time Watch

2 – Wait for the DVD

1 – Stay Away

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