Jio Rockers Review : Romance – Nothing Romantic

The film ‘Romance’ has released today across the state. Directed by Darling Swamy and produced by Good Cinema Group, the movie has been endorsed by Maruthi. The A rated flick has come in with good expectations,so let us see if the film has what it takes.

Story :

Krishna (Prince) is an engineering student who is always on the lookout for the perfect girlfriend. Lalitha aka Lola (Manasa) is the first woman to come into his life. She comes across as an aggressive young woman. Lola likes Krishna’s frankness and the two of them start dating each other. However, Krishna discovers that Lola is way too aggressive for him and breaks up with her.

At this point of time, Anuradha (Dimple) makes an entry into the story. She comes across as a nice and traditional girl and Krishna instantly falls in love. Anu also responds and just as their love story is about to take off, Lola comes back into his life to create problems. She creates rifts between Krishna and Anu.

Krishna must now prove his innocence. What happens next? That is the story of this film.

Plus Points :

The best moment in the film is that of Mukesh’s cigarette and gutka warning clipping, which comes in when the hero tries to smoke for the first time. Apart from that, Sai manages to induce some humour as Bluetooth Bobby.

Prince is ok, but he needs to work on his expressions. Dimple looks good. Manasa is strictly average. The film may appeal to some people who love extremely vulgar dialogues.

The interval twist, where a secret about Lalitha is revealed, is nice.

Minus Points :

The film suffers from poor pace. ‘Ee Rojullo’ and ‘Bus Stop’ worked primarily because of the good pace and high entertainment quotient. Sadly, both are missing in this film.

The plot of this film is very stale and the narration is poor. The film has many cliched and outdated sequences. As in many ‘adult’ comedies that have been coming out recently, the sole aim of the film is to create a scene for Boys vs Girls superiority debate.

The mimicry scene where the actor tries to imitate Chandra Babu Naidu, V. Hanumantha Rao and KCR did not work well. In a similar way, the scenes where the girls danced to old songs like ‘Raguluthondhi Mogalipodha’ etc. failed to click.

The scene in the ladies hostel where the hero turns emotional is very superficial. Climax sequence could have been better.

Technical Aspects:

Cinematography is just average. Editing is not very smooth but this could be due to the huge number of censor cuts that were recommended by the board.Dialogues by Darling Swamy are not very effective. One gets the feeling that he just tried to blindly imitate Maruthi.

Swamy also fails to make a positive impression as a director. He needs to work on his narration techniques. Music and background score are just very average.

Verdict :

‘Romance’ comes across as an attempt to blindly replicate the success of A rated entertainers like ‘Bus Stop’ and ‘Ee Rojullo’. But this movie does not come close to those two films in terms of entertainment quotient or pace. ‘Romance’ may earn some money in B and C centers due to the double meaning dialogues and vulgarity, but it ends up being a big disappointment.

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