Jio Rockers Rajanna – Impressive Drama

Nagarjuna is on a mission to do ‘different’ films these days. The actor won critical acclaim for his movie ‘Gaganam’ and this is his next offering. The movie has been directed by Rajamouli’s father Vijayendra Prasad while Rajamouli himself has directed the action sequences. The movie has come before the public, so let us see how it goes.

Story :

The story starts off in Nelakondapalli village in Adilabad district. Mallamma (Annie) is a girl who is a very talented singer. She is taken care of by an elderly man in her village. On one occasion, the elderly man and Mallamma visit the house of the Dorasani (Shwetha Menon) to seek her permission for Mallamma’s education. Dorasani hears Mallamma’s song there and gets very angry as her own daughter can’t sing. She bans Mallamma’s song and threatens her with death. When Mallamma accidentally sings again, her house is burnt and the elderly man is killed. Mallamma is saved by the music master (Nasser). When Mallamma comes to know that only Jawaharlal Nehru in New Delhi can save her, she sets out to Delhi on a lonely journey. When she is attacked in Delhi by Dorasani’s men, she loses hope and wants to end her life. The story of Rajanna (Nagarjuna ) is then revealed to her by the music master. She is inspired by the heroic deeds of Rajanna and she goes about facing her difficulties. How does she do it?

Plus Points :

Annie is excellent as Mallamma and she gives the impression that no one else can portray the character as effectively. The innocent smile and her expressions will endear her to the audience. She will win many awards for this performance. Nagarjuna has done a great job in this movie. We will see Nagarjuna the actor and not Nagarjuna the star. His performance in the ‘Vey Vey’ song and in the climax fight will be a highlight.

Sneha has done well in her role as Lacchamma. In the scene where she kills the Rajakar, she appears like a ferocious ‘Ammavaru’. Shwetha Menon is ok. Nasser, Gandhi, Satyadev, Hema, Telangana Sakunthala and others do a decent job. Ajay, Supreeth,Pradeep Rawath and Sravan are good as Rajanna’s friends.

Minus Points :

Almost 7 songs and slightly slow narration in the first half can be a little difficult for some people. Nagarjuna’s entry scene should have been handled better.Dialogues are not too good in that scene. Dialogues are in Telangana slang and may be difficult for some people to understand. Rajanna’s character should have been ended well.

Technical Aspects :

Shyam K Naidu, Poorna and Anil Bhandari have done a great job with cinematography. Kotagiri Venkateshwara Rao, who works for all of Rajamouli’s films, has edited this movie and he has done a good job. Keeravani has worked his magic for this movie and his tunes are a major asset for the film. Shiva Shankar’s choreography is good. Rajamouli’s fight sequences and Vijayendra Prasad’s direction are impressive.

Verdict :

Rajanna will ensure that each and everyone who is watching the movie will be involved deeply. The first half is elevated by Annie’s performance while the second half gets a great performance from Nagarjuna. Dont miss this movie. It will be liked by most people. Rating – N.A –

As we are the official media partners for Rajanna, it is not in the right spirit to rate a movie that we have promoted. Hence, we are just writing our opinion of the movie. Read it, enjoy it and watch Rajanna

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