Jio Rockers Rajanna – A Stunning Period Drama

‘King’ Akkineni Nagarjuna will be hitting the screens tomorrow with a period drama ‘Rajanna’. We have been to an exclusive premiere show that was held in Prasad Labs.The movie has been directed by veteran scriptwriter Vijayendra Prasad and music has been composed by Keeravani. Rajamouli has supervised the action sequences in the film. Let us see how the movie stacks up.

Story :

The story of Rajanna has been narrated by Nagarjuna earlier, so we will not go into too much detail. But here is a brief account for those who are not familiar with it. The movie is set in the early 1950’s in the village of Nelakondapalli in Adilabad district. The entire story revolves around the lives of Rajanna ( Nagarjuna ) and his daughter Mallamma (Annie) and the sacrifices they make for the good of the people. Mallamma loses both her parents (Nagarjuna and Sneha) in her childhood and she grows up under the care of an elderly villager. She has a natural gift for singing and she is admired by all. Her song angers the Dorasani (Shwetha Menon) and she forbids Mallamma from singing ever again. A frightened Mallamma decides to head out to New Delhi to meet Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and bring the difficulties of her people to his notice.

But she is pursued by Dorasani and her people even in Delhi. As she loses all hope, the story of Rajanna and his heroic struggle for the people of Nelakondapalli is narrated to Mallamma by her music teacher (Nasser). What does an inspired Mallamma do? Will she finally get to meet Nehru and solve the problems of her people? That is the story.

Performances :

First, a standing ovation to Baby Annie for a superb performance that will win her many awards. Another round of applause to Akkineni Nagarjuna for having the courage and conviction to come up with a good movie that stays true to the script.

Annie is outstanding in the role of Mallamma. Her expressions, mature portrayal of multiple emotions and her simple looks will endear her to the public. You will root for Mallamma as she goes about overcoming her obstacles one by one.

Nagarjuna has delivered an excellent and refined performance as Rajanna. His flowing mane and tall physique are perfectly suited for the role. He is outstanding in the action sequences and he has delivered the emotional lines well. Sneha is good in the limited role she has as Rajanna’s wife Lacchamma.

Shwetha Menon is good as the evil Dorasani. Nasser and Gandhi do well in their allotted roles. Satyadev is good in the role of Dilawar Khan. Mukesh Rishi exudes evil. Hema, Telangana Sakunthala and Vijay Kumar are good in their cameos. Ajay, Supreeth, Sravan and Pradeep Rawath are good as the four friends of Rajanna.

Plus Points :

The movie is narrated in a superb manner and the audience will connect very strongly with the emotional content. The song of Veyra Vey is one of the best ever to be picturized for its sheer emotional value. That song is sung to incite the people of Nelakondapalli to rise up in revolt. It ends up evoking a strong response from the audience as well. It shows mass hysteria at its best.

Some of the scenes will remain etched in your memory long after you walk out of the theater. The way in which the ‘assets’ of women are taxed and the subsequent reaction from Nagarjuna, the revolt of a boy in the Dorasani’s quarters, the climax fight sequence etc. will stand out.

M.M.Keeravani’s music breathes life into the movie. The background score and rerecording are top notch. The songs evoke a strong emotion as they are an integral part of the story. Amma Avani song nicely recaps the important events of the movie in pictures.

Rajamouli’s mark is seen in all the action sequences and it will act as a major attraction. Vijayendra Prasad did a good job with the script and direction.

Minus Points :

Nagarjuna’s introduction scene should have been etched out with more depth. The graphics work is not the best we have seen in recent times. A few cinematic liberties have been taken with historical facts.

The aftermath of the climax fight is not shown properly. What ultimately happens to Rajanna after the climax fight ? That should have been shown in a better and more complete way. The movie slows down slightly in a few areas.

Technical aspects :

Cinematography by Shyam K Naidu and Anil Bhandari is pretty solid throughout the film. The visuals are excellent and editing by Kotagiri Venkateshwara Rao is near flawless. Ravinder’s artwork is pretty good and feels authentic.

Verdict :

‘Rajanna’ is a marvelous tale that chronicles the triumph of human spirit in the face of adversities. Outstanding performances from Annie and Nagarjuna coupled with some fantastic music by Keeravani elevate the movie. Rajamouli’s action sequences and the strong emotional content will draw the crowds. Nagarjuna should be commended for staying true to the script and for coming up with such a well made period drama. Thumbs up for Rajanna. Don’t miss this one. Rating – N.A –
As we are the official media partners for Rajanna, it is not in the right spirit to rate a movie that we have promoted. Hence, we are just writing our opinion of the movie. Read it, enjoy it and watch Rajanna

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