Jio Rockers Rajakota Rahasyam – Grandeur without substance

Actor Prashant is a known face in Andhra Pradesh because of his appearance in films like ‘Donga Donga’, ‘Jeans’ and ‘Chamanthi’. After a long gap, the actor is going to be seen once again in ‘Rajakota Rahasya’, which has hit the screens today. The movie is a dubbed version of the Tamil flick ‘Ponnar Sankar’. Thyagarajan is the director of this movie and Ilayaraja scored the music. Let us see how this movie is.

Story :

Shyamala Devi (Khushboo) is the daughter of Madhudhana Maharaja. She angers her father and brother by rejecting a marriage alliance with Veerendra Varma (Prakash Raj). She marries Madhana Moorthy(Jayaram) and leaves behind the kingdom and her wealth.

After many years, a tribal chieftain named Bhaskarayya ( Nasser) comes across the twins Prakash and Akash, who are valorous and brave. When Bhaskarayya makes some enquiries, he realises a shocking truth about the twins.

Meanwhile, the twins encounter two beautiful girls (Pooja Chopra and Divya) and save them from certain death. As expected, love blossoms between them.

The shocking truth about Prakash and Akash reaches the ears of some very old enemies and they now set out to destroy the twins. What follows is a battle of vengeance, to settle scores.

What is that shocking truth about Prakash and Akash? Who are the twins? That is what this film is all about.

Plus Points:

Prashanth has done a good job in a dual role. He is especially good in the action sequences and he has tried his best to elevate the film. Pooja Chopra and Divya look good and they have provided the required glamour quotient.

There are many senior actors in the film. Prakash Raj, Khushboo, Napoelan, Nasser and Prabhu have delivered neat performances. Raj Kiran has done a good job. The film looks very grand and every frame has a very lavish feel. The climax fight and the interval fight sequences have been conceived well.

Minus Points:

The second half of the film has very slow pace and this becomes a major issue. The film picks up tempo during action sequences, but loses steam as soon as they are over. Despite the visual grandeur, this slow pace is what prevents the film from truly taking off.

The story deviates from history at a number of places. There are a number of loopholes in the script as well. There are inconsistencies in the characterisation of some roles.

There is absolutely no comedy in the film, and this will prove to be a big minus for entertainment seeking movie lovers.

Sneha has been wasted in an insignificant role. She does not have anything to do in the film and only appears in one or two scenes.

Technical Aspects :

The art director needs to be commended for doing a really good job. The sets are quite authentic. Cinematography is another major highlight. As always, Ilayaraja’s background score is very good.

Director Thyagarajan has succeeded in getting a few scenes right, but the overall effort leaves much to be desired.

Verdict :

Rajakota Rahasyam is a film that looks very grand but does not have the substance to back it up. Slow pace and zero entertainment will work against the film. The action sequences are just a consolation.

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