Jio Rockers Racha – Mass Masala Entertainer

Mega Power Star Ram Charan Tej has hit the screens today with the mass action entertainer Racha and he has the gorgeous Tamanna for company. Sampath Nandi has directed this movie and Mega Supergood Movies banner has produced the film. The movie released across the world today. So let us see how the film is.

Story :

Betting Raj (Ram Charan Tej) is a ‘basthi’ guy who makes his living by accepting challenges for money. He lives along with his adopted parents (M.S.Narayana and Sudha) and enjoys his life. Tragedy strikes the family in the form of a medical emergency and Raj needs 20 lakhs to save his father. As he is on the lookout for money, he is approached by James (Ajmal) with a challenge. James dares Raj to seduce Chaitra (Tamanna), the daughter of powerful mining Don Ballary (Mukesh Rushi).

A desperate Raj takes up the challenge and begins wooing Chaitra. As time goes by, Chaitra too reciprocates the love and Raj wins his bet. But as it turns out, Chaitra has a secret and Raj has a flashback that he is not aware of. As the story begins to unfold, Raj realizes that he has a mission to fulfill and a promise to keep. What is that promise and what is Chaitra’s secret? That forms the rest of the story.

Plus Points :

Charan is extremely good in the role of Raj. His dances and fights are impressive as always and he has grown by leaps and bounds as an actor. His diction and tonal modulation are now top notch. He is perfect for the role and has essayed his character with conviction.

Tamanna looks gorgeous and she oozes glamour, especially in the songs. She has done well in the role she has been given. Ajmal is ok in a brief role. Parthiban has good screen presence but he has no role to showcase it. Mukesh Rushi is decent as Ballary.

Brahmanandam entertains to a certain extent as Rangeela. Ali and Jayaprakash Reddy are entertaining in a cameo appearance. M.S.Narayana is decent as the sick father. The first half is breezy and there are some ‘double meaning’ dialogues which work well with the masses. Ram Charan’s dances in the song ‘Dillaku Dillaku’ are impressive and they will entertain the front benchers well. There are some ‘punch dialogues’ that work with fans and masses.

Minus Points :

The story is extremely predictable and there is nothing new in it. The second half turns into a revenge mode and there is an excessive mass flavour in the proceedings. These may not be appreciated by all.

Logic has gone for a toss big time and there are many silly sequences in the film. For example, the hero and heroine are being chased in an Indian forest by Mukesh Rushi’s villains and all of a sudden, the scene shifts to a bamboo forest with Chinese villains and fighters. When and where did the Chinese people enter the scene?

Nasser, Jhansi, Satya Krishna, Krishna Bhagawan, Venu Madhav and Srinivasa Reddy have been wasted in insignificant roles. The placement of songs in the second half is very poor.

Technical Aspects :

Dialogues are good in places and some of the ‘double meanings’ conveyed will strike a chord with the masses. Fights have been choreographed well and dances are similarly impressive. Cinematography is decent.Manisharma’s background score is good and music is ok.

Editing is jerky and is not upto the mark. Director Sampath Nandi has done a decent job with the first half but he should have taken more care in the second half. Overall, he has concentrated on appeasing the mass crowds and this works to a certain extent.

Verdict :

Racha is an out and out mass offering and the makers have succeeded in playing to the galleries. The film has all the commercial elements required for a good run at B and C centers. Ram Charan and Tamanna deliver good performances. A better screenplay in the second half, some care in editing and a more engaging story would have really elevated the film. Still, Racha is decent one time summer watch and with next to zero competition for almost two weeks, the film will do well commercially


5 – Flawless

4 – Must Watch

3 – One Time Watch

2 – Wait for the DVD

1 – Stay Away

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