Jio Rockers Racha – A one-time watch

The most awaited summer release Raccha has finally released and lets see how it fares


Ram charan (Betting Raj) is small time local basti guy whose hobby is to do betting for money. He lives in the basti along with his parents. His father M S Narayana falls sick and has to undergo liver transplant, As Raj needs money to save his ailing father he agrees for another bet, which is to make the heroine who is the daughter of a very influential person to fall in love with him within one month. Rest of the story is whether he succeeds in making her fall in love and why is he made to do that and what problems and facts he overcomes in between forms the story line.

Plus Points:

The main highlight in the movie is Ram charan as he essays the role of a simple local guy in an effective manner. He has ease in his dance and dialogue delivery. Music is good in the movie especially the legendary Vaana Vaana song. He looks refreshing and has done a better role than his previous movie. You won’t miss Megastar Chiranjeevi after seeing Charan on screen. Background score in the movie was apt and good. Story line was simple and not too confusing. Tamanna has given a mature performance and she looks so pretty and has danced really well in the movie. Comedy in the movie is decent. Chemistry between the lead pair is good. Sampath Nandi’s direction is good and has done a good job as he is relatively new. Vaana Vaana and title songs are the highlight songs in the movie

Minus Points:

The basic minus points in the movie is the story line which is very predictable right from the start of second half. Music is good but could have been better for the rest of the songs. Fights are just average as they didn’t have any link with the story and they just come and go. Choreography of the movie is just about average and it could have been lot better as it had dancing star Ram Charan. Climax of the movie was little weird as so many things happen at one place. Comedians and the bad guys also just came and went for their respective scenes. Director should have made the movie more crisply as he had Charan with him.

Technical Aspects:

Re recording of the movie is great and background score was also good. This movie is on a normal regular basis and does not have any high-fi dance or action sequence which you can boast off. Camera work is decent and production values are just good.


On the whole Raccha is very simple movie being very predictable at times. With Ram charan in the movie dances and fights could have been a lot better. It will make you feel as if you are watching an old Chiranjeevi movie. Story idea of the movie is good but doesn’t hold you on to your seats. In the end Raccha doesn’t bore your or even excite you much. With the exam season finishing and no other movie releasing in the coming weeks, lets see how much Raccha this movie does at the box office.


5 – Flawless

4 – Must Watch

3 – One Time Watch

2 – Wait for the DVD

1 – Stay Away

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