Jio Rockers Osaravelli generates Mixed Reactions!!!

Overall Impression Of The Movie: Osaravelli is the second movie of NTR in 2011 that releases with high expectations. Firstly Junior NTR had a colossal flop in Shakti earlier this year and secondly with Mahesh Babu’s Dookudu breaking box-office records, NTR needs all his luck and charisma to ensure Osaravelli pulls through at the box-office. However, Osaravelli manages to come through as an average entertainer that might not meet the sky-high expectations.

What Is It About: Osaravelli means a Chameleon & the unique characteristic of the chameleon to change colors and blend with the surroundings is what Tony (NTR) is all about. The movie starts off in Bombay with enquiries being made of the elusive Tony who has gone underground. Tony re-surfaces in Kashmir where he bumps into Niharika (Tamannah) and its love at first sight. The scene shifts to Hyderabad where he finds that she has a boyfriend and he openly challenges her that he will break-up that relationship in ten days. In parallel, we are introduced to the police-officer trying to find Tony and the other villains like the home-minister while we only get to hear about Ajju Bhai (Prakash Raj) who controls them all. Most of the first half focuses on NTR wooing Tamannah with the help of the JP and his gang resulting in an entertaining first half. The second half goes into an overdrive with various sub-plots that explain everyone’s motives and esp. that of Tamannah who has her own mysterious background. How this ties the various characters in the story with each other and the relevance of NTR having to change personalities (or colors) like the Osaravelli is what Osaravelli is all about!!!

What Is Good: As expected, NTR puts in a good performance as Tony. While there might be nothing new in the characterization by the director, NTR manages to create an impact in his lover-boy role. He gets to mouth catchy dialogues and shine in the dance department. The biggest surprise in the performance department is Tamannah who shines in a role where she has almost equal footage as the hero. While her glam quotient was never in question, she puts in a good performance as Niharika and stands out in her scenes with NTR. Payal Ghosh as Niharika’s best friend and Sham as Niharika’s brother are good as supporting characters. The music by DeviSri Prasad is pleasant and easy on the ears with the “Niharaki” song being the best in terms of picturisation with Tamannah looking glamorous in saris.

What Is Bad: After building the audience interest in the first half, Director Surender Reddy loses the grip in the second half by trying to tie up the sub-plots which result in illogical sequences and end up dragging the story for a good length with an extremely weak climax sequence. The other big negative is the weak characterization of Prakash Raj as the villain who fails to make any impact and ends up repeating himself from his Aziz bhai’s character of “Pokiri”. It’s about time that Prakash Raj took a different take on his portrayal of villainy esp., given that he is such a talented actor. Tanikellla Bharani, Sayaji Shinde, Ajay are wasted in miniscule roles. The action scenes and the song picturisation are pretty average.

Me Thinks: Osaravelli worked only in the first half for me thanks to the chemistry between NTR and Tamannah while the second half was slow due to which the audiences might not be very happy. It might sustain at the box-office given the Dusshera holiday weekend

Tailpiece: For all the hype of setting it in different places like Dubai, Kashmir, Bombay, Vizag and some exotic island, the movie hardly does any justice to any place with most of the scenes happening indoors.

Legend: 5 – Flawless

4 – Must Watch

3 – One Time Watch

2 – Wait for the DVD

1 – Stay Away

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