Jio Rockers Ok OK – Not that OK !

After making successful films like Ghatikudu and Seventh Sense, producer Udhaynidhi Stalin has transformed himself into a mainstream hero with his latest release ‘OK Ok’. This film which was originally made as ‘Oru Kal Oru Kannadi’ in Tamil, has now been dubbed for Telugu audience. Bubbly Hansika is the leading lady of this film which is directed by Rajesh.Continuing the trend of releasing Tamil films in Telugu, ‘OK OK’ has hit the screens today. Lets see how it fares.

Story :

Srinivas(Udhaynidhi Stalin) the only son of Saranya and Perumal, is a happy go lucky guy who works at a multiplex. He along with his friend Bangaruraju(Santanam) always tease and make fun of girls whom they come across regularly. One day Srinivas meets Meera(Hansika) at a traffic signal and falls in love with her. He keeps pestering Meera to accept his love. An irritated Meera takes Srinivas to her father who happens to be a Police Commissioner. Meera’s father warns Srinivas big time, and asks him to let go off his daughter. An adamant Srinivas still continues to follow Meera and finally wins his love. Just as everything seems to be going right, an unexpected turn of events take place and Meera gets ready to marry some else. Why does Meera take such a decision? and whether Srinivas win his lost love once again? That forms the rest of the story.

Plus Points :

This is a complete Santanam’s show all the way. He has a equal character to that of the hero and completely dominates the first half, and Sunil’s dubbing for Santanam adds to that. Hansika looks beautiful in the film and completely does justice to her role. Saranya’s role as hero’s mother is decent. Some funny scenes in the first half, and beautiful locations look good in the film.

Minus Points :

As the breezy first half comes to an end, this is where the film falters. Second half of the movie is pretty slow and becomes monotonous. Santanam’s comedy also lacks luster and the film becomes highly predictable. The romantic track between the lead pair is not properly exploited and lacks justification. Udayanidhi has some decent looks, but needs to work on his acting skills. He tried to manage the whole movie with his comedy sidekick Santanam. Scenes showcasing Udyanidhi winning back his love, also become very predictable and routine. Climax episodes which feature Arya and Andrea also lack justification and tamper the flow of the film.

Technical Aspects:

Music by Harris Jayray is a major plus point for this movie. The songs Akhila, Arere and Just Like are decent and hummable and have also been decently shot. Choreography for the song ‘Just Like’ is very good. Cinematography is good and suits the film really well. The makers have stuck to the basic production values which really suit the songs and the entire flow of the film.

Verdict :

The only reason to this film’s success in Tamil was Santanam’s comedy. But the case here is different. A simple first half, and some average comedy by Santanam will stand out in the movie. Other than that this movie lacks luster and feels repetitive most of the time. It is like any other film with a small bit of everything in it. On the whole ‘OK OK’ is a film which is not that OK.


5 – Flawless
4 – Must Watch
3 – One Time Watch
2 – Wait for the DVD
1 – Stay Away

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